After Heygate, 2016

Vinyl Print and Concertina Fold Book

This project is a continuation of Flux. Photographed in the same manner and location, Elephant and Castle, this set of portraits looks at the use of computer generated imagery on the hoardings of the Heygate redevelopment site. This project was exhibited as part of the LSBU graduate show in.flux, 1st June - 4th June 2016 at the Menier Gallery, London.

The text that goes with this piece of work reads:

Built in the 1970's the Heygate Estate, with its Corbusian architecture was seen as the ideal form of modern living. 40 years later the estate has been demolished and the Heygate Estate has become a prime example of the housing crisis and gentrification of London. It was home to 3000 people, many of which have been relocated to the outskirts of the city, due to the now high housing prices in the area. The site has been bought by the Lend Lease Group and is currently being redeveloped under the name 'Elephant Park'. Out of the 2,535 new homes being developed, only 79 units are planned for social housing. 

The project After Heygate looks at this redevelopment and focuses on the computer-generated imagery (CGI), which can be found on the hoarding that surrounds the former estate. Showing an aspirational image of what the future will look like, CGI makes use of the photograph's attribute of representing the 'real'. The text, as well as CGI on the hoarding promise 'a dramatically improved physical environment', with 'high quality open spaces' - a vision mounted on to board. 

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