The South Bank Collective CIC is a student led creative agency that was set up for the students at London South Bank University. As a community interest company, it is our aim to provide our students with relevant work experience in their field of study, as well as to give them the opportunity to network and build a strong portfolio for when they graduate. As co-founder and director I have contributed to the success of this company, starting it off as photography agency, which is now expanding into the fields of film and acting. In the past 2 years we have provided a variety of services, such as event photography, portraiture, and marketing photography. Furthermore we have run successful large projects such as the copy and paste studio for the ‘25 Years of Photoshop’ Party at the Photographers’ Gallery and a commission for the 2017 calendar of Italian Crane manufacturer Fassi Gru Spa. Besides producing the smaller projects and supporting the larger projects, I have also produced a university wide collaboration to create artwork for all 7 schools at LSBU and with this, as well as the other jobs, established a sustainable income for the company.

Among others, the South Bank Collective has collaborated on projects with the Photographers' Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. 

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