Post-London, 2015

iPad App

'It's the year 2025. Times have changed. 

We now find ourselves living in a hyperconnected world. A world in which we no longer have to go outside to meet people and explore things. One headset - a thousand worlds, thanks to virtual reality and Hyprcom.

Hyprcom, it's a company that has brought all the technology we ever wished for.

We are in London, a city known for its busy and hectic lifestyle. But now the streets are empty, people are slaves to technology and stay at home all day, completely sucked in by virtual reality. Everything is a click away, and a hand movement is all you need to control your life. 

How does it feel to live in London now? Find out yourself by exploring Post-London.'

This app was developed as part of the 'Collaborative Practices' Module, with the Film, Digital Media and Sonic Sound & Music courses at London South Bank University. As Project Manager I worked closely together with all the different groups and courses, overseeing all the steps taken in the process of creating the final app. Furthermore, my photography can be seen throughout the app (Dead Drops, and the images at the start of the articles). All the text was written by me too, based on the story line the team agreed on. 

The app is available for iPads and can be downloaded from the app store. 

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