Flux,  2016

Concertina Fold

This series of portraits taken in various locations around Elephant & Castle roundabout explores the concept of the city - a place we walk through, a place we move to in order to progress. We get lost in the city's constant movement, the places around us change and so do we. Occasionally, we stop, we take a minute and take a closer look. 

This piece of work was created as part of my final year at London South Bank University. Making use of the construction lights that were but up during the redevelopment of Elephant & Castle roundabout, I photographed 180+ people passing by the area. The final concertina comprises 100 portraits, creating an intersection of the people in this space.  

Besides creating a concertina fold, this piece of work was also shown in a 2 day solo exhibition in the former Silverprint Gallery in December 2015.

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